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Excess Unaccompanied baggage parcel courier

Excess Unaccompanied baggage parcel courier

Excess Unaccompanied baggage parcel courier

No worry when you have excess u Unaccompanied baggage for parcel and courier service. Our team would come to your residence to pack and securely shift your baggage to your home town to more than 3000 pin code delivery destinations in India.

1.       How to send luggage by courier in India?

When you have extra luggage with you and do not know how to shift it, then we can help you pack and shift at a very affordable cost. All you are required to do is call our agent at

Thane Pickup contact Number: +91 8879399567

Bangalore Pickup contact Number: +91 8880014001

Hosur Pickup Contact Number: +91 8880014001

And get the moving baggage estimation and price for shipping and we would come to your home pack and parcel courier your baggage to your destination and have no doubt we are among the cheapest parcel courier service to shift your suitcase.

2.       Can I courier a suitcase in India?

Yes, we can help you parcel courier your suitcase to more than 3000 destinations in india.

We are definitely among the leaders when it comes to Excess baggage parcel courier service India.

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