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Music Instrument Guitar Parcel courier Service

Music Instrument Guitar Parcel courier Service

If you are music lover and have music instrument that you plan to ship we can help you pack and ship the same. We can help to pack and ship all kind of music instruments like Veena, Piano, Electric Piano , sitar, sarod, tambura, sahnai, sarangi, tabla,vina, mrdangam, Guitar ,kanjira,Drums and violin and many more.


We are musical instruments delivery specialists and can ensure the safest and most convenient delivery of your musical Instruments across India. Whether you need a single musical instrument delivered. Musical instruments should never be packed and shipped like other items. They must be packed securely so that there is little or no movement and so all the small parts are kept safe to prevent damage. However you do not have to worry on safety as we would pack the instrument securely and then make external hard wood crate for maximum safety for your music instrument. However case or original box is the best way to ship a musical instrument because it's perfectly designed to protect your instrument. Shipping without a case is not recommended because there is more of a risk of damage.


Cardboard and bubble wrap are the best materials for packing. Completely wrap your guitar case in bubble wrap and then either place it into a large sturdy cardboard box, or, if you don't have a box large enough, you can wrap and secure cardboard around the case. Just ensure your guitar case is fully covered in cardboard.

 So what ever be your parcel courier service for music instrument we can do it all  just call and get how we can help you pack and parcel your music instrument.

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